[PLUG] Why are students/colleges not using *nix systems

Ashish Belagali belagali at gmail.com
Tue Dec 26 11:13:29 IST 2006

I believe there is a widespread need to spread awareness on *nix systems.
People need those, not just because Linux is free of cost, but also for its
stability and freedom it provides. The problem, as I mentioned, is lack of
awareness and support. Someone has to not only spread the awareness, but
also stand up as a single point, affordable, contact regarding all guidance
and troubleshooting. There is a good market once you do that.

I personally use Linux in my company and would wholeheartedly recommend it
to anybody. But I have my own battles to fight, and can only be a supporter.
But I see some really passionate folks out here. See if you guys want to
take it up as a challenge.

In the good old days, when Microsoft platforms were not very popular, the
unix geeks looked down upon Windows systems as being point-and-click. They
remained in their own heaven while Microsoft focussed on usability. The
result is in front of us. The moral of the story is: Usability and good
commercials are quite important.

Linux gives us the power... let's see if someone wants to stand up to tap
the opportunity provided by it.


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