[PLUG] More frequent PLUG meetings

Arindam arindam.mukerjee at gmail.com
Tue Dec 26 16:32:48 IST 2006

On 12/26/06, Henry J. Cobb <hcobb at io.com> wrote:
> "Devendra Laulkar" <devendralaulkar at yahoo.com> wrote:
> > I agree. Provided we have consistent meetings with
> > specific talks/activities.
> So what do you want to hear more of, home use or business settings?

It could be home or business, but at some point we got to take off
from the "mplayer-can-play-dvd+rw" and
"look-at-this-web-based-admin-tool" to some more cutting edge stuff
perhaps. The idea is not to discard any of the "home-use" stuff but to
actually show that Linux can do things at home beyond playing music
and video and editing graphics. If you just have 2 pcs or a laptop and
a pc at home (not all that unheard of these days) you can do an awful
lot more at home, which is not typically home-use but nevertheless a
lot of fun. You could even make a cluster of a few PCs if you've got
old x86 boxes with some RAM.

> Nobody seemed to be thrilled about my Linux as a PBX talk, but I could
> come back and talk about the challenges of coverting the call center
> client PCs to Linux, one at a time.
> -HJC
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