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Shantanoo Mahajan shantanoo at gmail.com
Sun Jun 4 01:58:21 IST 2006

+++ Vishal [PLUG] [02-06-06 09:39 +0530]:
|  My work email Id is on MS-Exchange 2003  Server with MS-Outlook
| on Client side . Now I have started using Fedora core5  on my
| Laptop , Can any one suggest me Linux based Mail Client which I
| can use for Dowloading my Exchange Mails & where in I can see my
| Global Address list/contacts .


You can use mutt as IMAP client or you can download emails using
fetchmail and then use mutt.

mutt looks for local SMTP. I use postfix which relays e-mail to
exchange server using sasl.

Got one script which reads info from Global Address list/contact
(LDAP), and which can be easily integrated with mutt. 

Well, you may use thunderbird also. It does understands global address
(was able to do so only once) along with IMAP.

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