[PLUG] Re: OS/Shwareware CD Burning Software.

Shantanoo Mahajan shantanoo at gmail.com
Thu Jun 8 01:41:04 IST 2006

+++ A G [PLUG] [07-06-06 09:46 +0100]:
| Hi All,
| Please tell me your fav CD burning softwares for
| windows.
| OSS, shareware - anything will do.

For which platform?

| I have downloaded kubuntu 6.06, but my nero OEM cd got
| scratched (I dont have it installed on my comp).

I haven't seen Nero for linux in OEM pack.

| Which according to you is the best one (other than
| nero)?

There is no such thing as best one. It all depends on the set of
features you are look for. How about k3b?

If you accept the pain, it cannot hurt you.

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