[PLUG] Drupal.org / Civicspace Internships

Tarun Dua tarundua at tarundua.net
Tue Jun 20 17:22:45 IST 2006

Name of Organization: Drupal.org
Coordinator(s): Zack Rosen
Nature of Work: Open Source Software
Domain: Content and Community management Web platform
Contact E-mail: drupal at tarundua.net
Training duration: 8 Weeks to 6 Months with possibility of contributing during 
Minor and Major Projects
Location: Telecommute, Internet Connectivity required
Experience required : PHP, MySQL
Stipend: Limited number of stipends upto Rs. 8000
Last date for applying: July 1st 2006
Number of trainees needed: 10
Other Requirements: PC at home with Linux+Apache+PHP+MySQL installed
Sponsorships and Stipends for the Project: Murray Internet and
Education fund

Brief Introduction to the Civicspace / Drupal.org Internship Program:

The open-source Drupal project is exploding: 75,000+ websites, 350
unique core contributers, 160+ employed professionals amongst 30+
consulting companies. All metrics, usage, developers, and
contributions are growing exponentially.

Drupal is quickly establishing itself as an extremely important and
powerful platform technology. Like Linux, Apache, MySql, and PHP
below it in the stack, Drupal is provides layer of indispensable
functionality web developers can deploy and extend to create myriad's
of websites and web services: education, community, ecommerce, media
and - pick a market vertical that leverages the web and chances are
Drupal is being actively used and is quickly bootstrapping it's way


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