Fw: [PLUG] Linux TV Tuner

Mayuresh mayuresh at acm.org
Mon Jun 26 19:19:27 IST 2006

> Please if someone is already using some xyz card in linux, please let
> me know the name for the card,coz it's very important for me !

I'm using PixelView PlayTV Pro 2 internal card since more than a year. Comes 
with TV, FM radio tuner and remote. Hadn't done any great survey to choose 
this one though.

It worked well on RH9 and now on fc5 without much hassles. Haven't tried 
getting Remote Control work through should be easy enough on any recent 
system. (I recollect it was a pain on systems with 2.4.x kernels and I had 
given up that time.)

I hardly use it to watch TV (!) and do not know whether the choice of card has 
anything to do with TV quality rendered. I use it mostly as FM radio though I 
had tested the TV and it was quite ok.


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