[PLUG] Help on audio recording from cassettes using sound card.

Atul Sowani sowani at gmail.com
Tue Jun 27 13:46:59 IST 2006


Can somebody suggest me a good linux application (apart from Audacity)
which will enable me to record from audio cassettes using sound card
(CMI8738-6CH 6-channel PCI sound card / FM801-6CH 6-channel PCI sound
card)? I suspect the card is not a problem, because my slackware 9.2
perfectly detects the sound card and plays songs from CD very well. I
tried ALSA and OSS both and both of them work properly.

The problem arises when I start Audacity. When Audacity starts up it
fails to detect mixer and audio device. Earlier when I was using
onboard audio (AC97), Audacity used to detect the mixer device and
audio device and I've recorded a few songs from cassette. I switched
to the add-on card because AC97 does not support stereo recording.

I would be much obliged if I could get
- suggestion for audio recording application (apart from audacity)
- fix for my problem on existing setup (sound system settings, OS settings etc.)
- any work around

Thanks in advance!

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