[PLUG] Linux TV Tuner

Anand Nene anandn at gmx.net
Wed Jun 28 01:01:24 IST 2006

PS: Your replies are breaking the subject? Strange, given that
you are using Kmail.

[06/27/2006 07:14 PM IST] Mayuresh wrote:
> Precisely. The card works out of box and does not really need wall or hammer.

Yes, if you are having the latest kernel :) Else its drill trying
out various combinations of card and tuner type.

> If you have managed to get lirc work on 2.4.x based distro, that's great.

Hmm. I plan to, may this weekend.

> Answering another question on the thread: it costed Rs 1850 that time.

Rs. 1450 June 2006.


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