[PLUG] re-subscribe to PLUG mailing list

sudhanwa Jogalekar sudhanwa.com at gmail.com
Wed Mar 15 00:50:44 IST 2006

Dear all,

This message is coming to you from the new mailing list.

There are many messages to the list from the old members.
Currently, considering the old membership to the list, we are
approving their mails.  ( As of now, we havent put up any filters or
restrictions of any kind.  We might have to add them later on.)

However, as the number grows back to the old list, it wont be possible
to approve/manage such messages. So, please subscribe again to the
mailing list so that your mails will pass through without any

How to Subscribe : visit http://www.plug.org.in , follow the links to
the mailing list. Subscribe there.

Help the list-admins to organise things for you.


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