[PLUG] NIC on Linux

Shridhar Daithankar ghodechhap at ghodechhap.net
Mon Mar 20 10:26:35 IST 2006

On Sunday 19 March 2006 16:50, रणजित भोसले wrote:
> I can see that your nic is working.
> Can you tell me what make, where bought, how much.

It is a via-Rhine card, onboard a Via K8M800 motherboard. 

> It is a ASUS nic ? Where did you get it ?

Sun computers. In the lane between hotel Sheetal and petrol pump, Dnyaneshwar 
paduka chowk.

Ph. 25531418. Contact person: Jitendra Chandak. Give him my reference. I have 
been buying from him for over 6 years..

> I guess Sujata fellow is not going to take back
> this D-Link card, esp after taking back the Zebronics.
> There should ideally be a HCL on Plug with warnings
> about hardware which does not work.

Have you searched google for the PCI id of that card which lspci gives you? It 
may not work with all it's glory but it should be able to run with basic 

> By no means putting the blame on Plug for my troubles.
> I will be getting broadband soon and if it only works
> on Win all the fun would go out of it.

Don't worry. There are two things
- Broadband(I know it is generalization and I mean it) and NICs(Same here) 
work on linux, be assured.
- Even if it does not work in linux in first go, you can search the net via 
windows and experiment to find it out. That is where the fun is all about..:)



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