[PLUG] Minutes of meeting : Freedom Toaster

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I think the idea of Freedom Toaster is too good to leave in the hands of

If we have even 100 pluggies ready to chip in, that's just Rs. 350 per
If more are willing to pay, we keep the extra funds aside for maintenance.
In fact depending on the amount we could even put it in an FD or MF and earn
interest on it which will pay for maintenance :-)

I'm ready to contribute. Now to find the other 99...

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> 5) The ideal sponsors for such project would be stores like , Venus
> Traders ,
> Crosswords. (getting such a patron is not difficult).

Few more obvious sponsors are computer equipment dealers:
House of Laptops, Baba Computers (Both on Tilak Rd)
Shree Computers on Sighgad Rd and so on ...

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