[PLUG] Minutes of meeting : Freedom Toaster

Archis Gore archisgore at yahoo.com
Tue May 9 17:23:16 IST 2006

> On 5/9/06, Yash Vartak <vartak at vartakinc.com> wrote:

> The concept seems good; the implementation in the
> Indian context is
> not very convincing.
> A better approach would be -
> 1. Find someone ready to host and maintain the
> 'kiosk'.
> 2. Put a simple computer out there (who needs a
> fancy kiosk box)?
> 3. Write a program/script that presents an option
> driven interface and
> does the job of selecting the software, asking the
> user to put in a
> blank disc and burning the selcted software(s).
> 4. Authorised PLUG members regularly go and update
> or add to the
> collection and change the config of the script
> accordingly.
> Total cost = Intial machine with CD/DVD writer +
> maintenance.
> The initial machine can even be a second hand P4
> machine.

I agree with Aditya. It's going to be attended anyways
(as per discussion in the meeting), since in the
Indian context, an unattended kiosk would be somewhat
difficult. Then this should be good.

We can use some old machines (we dont need
hyperthreading or MMX) with sufficient RAM and loads
of disk space. Write some PHP scripts and provide a
nice web-based interface and use cdrecord in the back
to burn ISOs.


P.S. Count me in for the Rs. 500 too.

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