[PLUG] Using Documentation of Freedom Toaster

Devendra Laulkar devendralaulkar at gmail.com
Wed May 10 19:21:36 IST 2006

Hello all,

Regarding creation of documents, I had asked the permission to use the 
existing documents and modify them to suit our purpose. Attaching the reply.

-Devendra Laulkar. 

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Subject: Re: [ft-user] Freedom Toaster documentation licenses
Date: Tuesday 09 May 2006 23:02
From: Sean Wheller <sean at i..>
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On Tuesday 09 May 2006 19:01, Devendra Laulkar wrote:
> I find the Freedom Toaster a interesting concept and product. I have raised
> the issue at my local linux users group(www.plug.org.in) , and there people
> interested in deploying the toasters in my city (Pune, India).
> We are yet in pre-planning stage, gathering all resources etc.
> We would like to create a initial report, which can be presented to
> sponsorers etc. I find that a lot of work(usecases, whitepapers) has
> already been done. The above documentation is excellent.
> However, I would like to use some of the usecases, include the whitepapers
> while presenting to the sponsorers, make it in the context of the local
> situation.
> I request the support of the community in this respect.

Hello Devendra,

Welcome to yourself and the community at plug India.

Technical documentation currently under development is covered by the
 Creative Commons ShareAlike 2.5.

Marketing materials (whitepapers, use cases, etc.) are not covered by the
 same license. At present these materials are under the Creative Commons
non-commercial, no derivatives license

For this reason the marketing material is under a separate and non-public
repository. I have cc'd Jason Hudson on this message. As I cannot release the
docbook sources of these documents without the concent from TSF. You are
however free to copy and duplicate the work under the terms of the license. I
hope this will be of help for now.

In the interim, should you wish to develop use cases or other documents and
wish to release them to the project under the more flexible and open by-sa
2.5. I will be willing to provide the support you need in producing such
documents using the same layout and formating as those available on

Sean Wheller
Technical Author
sean at inwords.co.za

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