[PLUG] Announcing WERD (1.0), the Phonetic Transliterator to Indic scripts

Atul Nene atul.nene at gmail.com
Tue May 23 23:51:14 IST 2006


WERD is a phonetic transliterator that helps users write english text but
read the same in the chosen Devanagari (Indic) font. WERD is expected to
make it easy for Indians wanting to communicate over chat or email in their
native language.

Its easy to Chat/Email in Hindi and Marathi now !

Checkout http://werd.sourceforge.net/

WERD is written in Python and Tkinter, is open source software released
under GPL, and is hosted by SourceForge (www.sourceforge.net)

Any and all feedback is welcome.
Atul Nene (atul dot nene at gmail dot com)

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