[PLUG] SVN (Subversion) with Windows 98

Manoj Ovhal manoj.ovhal at waveletgroup.com
Fri May 26 17:35:19 IST 2006

Hi Pluggies

I am using SVN (Subversion) for Version Control on a RedHat Linux
Machine with svnserve.

Recently I added one PC with Windows 98 to our network. I know that this
is not a Windows Forum. But I am facing problem with SVN/TortoiseSVN .
And both the softwares are open source. So I kindly request all to
please help.


I would to access SVN Repository on my Windows 98 PC.

I tried TortoiseSVN (1.1.7) But it gives error Socket Operation on Non
Socket error while connecting to the repository.

Then I tried SmartSVN. And It works fine. 
But I am getting one error "This Program has performed illegal
operations......" while closing the SmartSVN.

Can anybody help me to access my SVN Repository with Windows 98.

Thanks in advance

Manoj Ovhal

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