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sco1984 at gmail.com sco1984 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 5 15:57:45 IST 2006

 Yesterday's meeting wasn't crowded. I guess main reason for that is exams.
Never mind. Hope to see other pluggies in December meeting. Well i
downloaded Fedora Core 6 three day's ago. Also have Mandriva 2007( Free
Edition ) + ZenWalk 3.0 installable as well as LIVE. If anybody looking for
FC 6 , give me 5 blank CD's, and i'll burn those ISO's for you.
         In most PLUG in fact all meetings subjects are devoted for
"Developers". Well its boring sometimes. I bet not all are just busy
developing application on Open Source platform. I am not a developer or a
hard code programmer. I am in to networking.

Currently we r facing a serious problem with a Linux server. Any Linux
experts out there to provide some descent solution ? Here is the description
of problem :

 We have 1 IBM rack mount server powered by XEON processor and 4 GB ram and
RedHat ENT 3.0 running on it. We use this server for developement. Projects
are running on that server. Recently the server is crashing again and again.
>From last 6 months it was running fine without any problem. We called IBM.
They had nothing to do but they updated BIOS and left by setting monitoring
tools. Problem is processor suddenly goes at 100% level and application at
develoeprs end stucks and server reboots. Anybody had similar experience? We
already done monitoring for 1 month, and done all diagnostics neccesary. Any
clue? We feel that problem is at  I/O . Any solution ? Dont say upgrade to
Red Hat ENT 4 .
Amey Abhyankar.
Contact no : 9960642042

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