[PLUG] Garma Garam Java @ IndicThreads.com Conference On Java Technology, Pune - 1st & 2nd Dec 06

Harshad Oak harshad.lists at gmail.com
Wed Nov 8 11:51:30 IST 2006

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Hello PLUG,

This is Harshad Oak. I am writing to inform you about a conference
that's happening in Pune, which I believe is unlike any other in
India. It's a vendor-neutral conference on Java technology.

Most of us have wondered at some time or the other, why apart from a
handful of open-source events, no other learning-oriented technology
conferences happen in India.

We are mostly stuck with conferences that are promotional events or
marketing shows. You get a free 5-star lunch, goodies and t-shirts in
return for spending hours listening to why company X's product Y is
the best and how company X's products are changing the world.

I have nothing against these events and I think they are a fair
exchange. But shouldn't there also be events where you can talk to
peers, learn from experts who are not promoting anything and
brainstorm about the new and exciting?

The annual IndicThreads.com Conference on Java Technology is a pure
learning and collaboration event like no other in India.

We have invited some of the biggest names in Java technology fro
India, US, Australia and Canada as speakers at the event, and we hope
to attract the brightest technology brains in India as delegates.

Also the event isn't happening in Bangalore or Delhi but in good old Pune!

Here's a small sample of the quality of speakers we have at the event -
* Debu Panda - Author of the book "EJB 3.0 In Action" and several
popular J2EE articles.
* Floyd Marinescu - Creator of TheServerSide.com and InfoQ.com. Author
of "EJB Design Patterns"
* Raghu Kodali - Author of "Beginning EJB 3". SOA Evangelist
* Gavin King - Creator of Hibernate object/relational persistence software
* Atul Kahate - Author of 13 books including "Cryptography & Network Security"
* Kishore Kumar - Author of the book "Pro Apache Geronimo"
and several other reputed speakers.

Check the entire list at http://conference.indicthreads.com/content/view/2/

All sessions are on niche and high-end subjects. Rs.1499 for 2 days of
learning and getting in tune with all that's hot in the Java world is
I think, an absolute steal.

Besides, technology has this strange habit of rewarding only those who
try to keep pace with it.

Registrations starts at Rs.1499.

Write to conf @ rightrix.com if you have any queries or write to me at
<firstname> @ rightrix.com.

Do check out http://conference.indicthreads.com

Last but not the least, we would be grateful to you if you could
spread the word around. You could just pick the PDF linked below and
put it up on your company / college notice board or share this info on
your company mailing list.
Thanks and see you at the conference!

Seats are limited and early bird discounts are ready to fly away.  So
I would suggest that if you are interested in the conference, you do
register asap.

thanks & regards
- Harshad Oak

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