[PLUG] [Commercial] Software Vendor Partners Wanted For Outsourced Projects

Atul Nene atul.nene at gmail.com
Wed Nov 8 12:49:54 IST 2006


Here is a commercial opportunity from a friend of mine. If anyone is
interested, please contact him directly at the email id given below.


A company based in Europe and Pune is looking for small, flexible
companies to work as software development partners.
The partners should be Pune-based. The company gets software
development projects from SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises)
in Europe, and gets them developed by such partners under their
overall supervision. Company has been doing this already for some
time, has an existing pool of partners, and is looking to add more
partners to this pool, for upcoming projects in the areas of :

1) Microsoft .NET
2) open source technologies
3) e-commerce

A potential partner need not have skills on all the three mentioned
areas - one or two are also ok. After short-listing and initial
discussions, if the company and a partner decide to work together,
there will be an initial pilot project given to execute. After
successful completion of the project to the satisfaction of both
parties, there are likely to be future projects given on an ongoing
basis, including the possibility of becoming a dedicated ODC (Offshore
Development Center) for one or more of the end-clients of this
company, which means potentially, a steady stream of business for the
If interested, please contact:

Vasudev Ram
Email: vasudevram at gmail.com

Thank you.

Atul Nene (atul dot nene at gmail dot com)

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