[PLUG] Can we file PIL (Public Interest Litigation)

YAGNESH N DESAI ynd at hzw.ltindia.com
Sat Nov 11 11:36:09 IST 2006

PIL came to my mind 'cos of provided limited choice by
Indian Service providers and manufacturers.
I have seen that all the cams/Printers/Scanners/Internet wireless Modems (Reliance, Indicom even BSNL)
and many hardware come with only windows support. ie the manufacturer/service 
provider takes pain to supply CD with windows driver. In many case Linux/BSD/Unix
drivers are also available for download.
I have a specific case of Reliance Infocom CDMA X1 ZTE modem PCMCIA card. Which
says it only supports Windows. 
Can one file PIL saying all the Generic Hardware vendors & generic IT service providers 
need to ship drivers for at least one other os (preferably Linux) so that the consumer
is not forced to "buy" Windows. 
Many high-end special hardware can be exceptional.
If such PIL is filed it can create lot of awareness among the masses by media coverage.
If the litigation is won then further awareness can be created since the purchaser of the
hardware (Say printer) knows that his hardware will run on other os (Linux) hence while
paying for upgrading the Windows he can think of switching.
Though I know as a Linux user most of the hardware are supported by Linux with few
Replies awaited

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