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Andreas Pigni a.pigni at bluewin.ch
Mon Nov 13 01:43:32 IST 2006

Thanks a lot for your help Shantanoo. 

As I have no programming skills, can someone make it and for how much
(see the hint from Shantanoo)? 

Thanks very much.

Kind regards,


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+++ Andreas Pigni [PLUG] [10-11-06 23:42 +0100]:
| Dear All,
| ?
| I wondered if you could help me for the following task. First, I just
| mention that I am a student here in Law in Switzerland.
| ?
| I would like to have in a single document (preferably excel) a list of
| all the European patent attorneys with contact details. This
| is available from the internet. All these attorneys can be found at
| following link: http://www.european-patent-office.org/reps/search.html
| ?
| It seems that there are 8353 members. 
| ?
| Thus, it seems that perl could be useful to fetch all the entries from
| 0001 to 8353:
| ?
| il.pl.cgi?id=001 to
| il.pl.cgi?id=8353
| ?
| I wondered if someone could write the script for me, provide it to me
| and also provide an excel table with all the entries with all the
| contact details in there for each attorney (half a day of work?). Of
| course, I would pay the programmer for that. Please let me know how
| that would cost me (student price if possible?). 
| ?
| Please let me know as soon as possible if someone (you, a friend?)
| do this task for me.
| ?
| Thanks a lot for your help.
| ?
| Kind regards,
| ?
| Andreas
| ?
| ?

Any takers?

- get all the files e.g.
  perl -e 'for($i=1;$i<=...;$i++) { $str="wget
il.pl.cgi?id=$i"; `$str`;}'
- extract the data
  cat <file> | perl -e 'for(<>) { if(/<BLOCKQUOTE>/.../<\/BLOCKQUOTE>/)
{ print }}'
  Do some more parsing and store in .csv format which can be read in


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