[PLUG] Can we file PIL (Public Interest Litigation)

Desi Penguin desipenguin at gmail.com
Tue Nov 14 17:40:45 IST 2006

> policy to promote something which is better for country. Subsidy on LPG,
> Urea & Diesel are just few to mention is this free country. Same also

I'm no lawayer and don't claim to understand what is PIL, but how can we
compare LPG/Diesel etc with Linux support ?
I can understand PIL in terms of providing better roads in Pune.
How many people in India have any kind of access to computers (Linux or
otherwise ?)
How many people constitute "public" (as in Public Interest Litigation)

BTW, I'm totally there with you for demanding Linux support for HW, but PIL
is far too legal and needs to be looked at very carefully.
Like some others have pointed out that creating demand is better way to
ensure you get what you want.
I think IBM has the policy stated, because they thought that there is enough
demand they can't afford to ignore, not because they are just "good guys".


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