[PLUG] [COMMERCIAL] GPS Vehicle Tracking Service Launched

Varun Mehta bambambhole at gmail.com
Fri Nov 17 16:03:10 IST 2006

As far as I know about GPS, it is the US satellites that are used across the
world. A set of 24 satellites which help you locate your position. At any
given point of time 3 satellites are required to pin point your exact
location, if the 4th one is roped in you can even find you altitude.

GPS is a free service rendered to the world at the moment. The precision is
upto + or - 1-3 meters. If you are with US army, you can develop a pin
perfect device for missile launching.


*Varun Mehta*

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On 28/10/06, Harshal Vaidya <harshalx at gmail.com> wrote:
> ChipSilicon based in Pune, India has launched new GPS Vehicle Tracking &
> > Fleet Management service called
> > www.gpsintegrated.com , The complete system is based on multi server
> > architecture including Linux Fedora 3 server
> > Running Apache & Zope and Windows server running IIS & .NET.
> I'm proud of you guys for developing this fine tech. Which satellites are
> you using for the GPS co-ordinates etc. As far as I know the GPS
> satellites
> are currently owned by Us only. The EU is launching a project which will
> develop a GPS kind of system too. But I don't know how far they have
> reached. Do we have any Desi sattelites doing this job for us?
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> Harshal Vaidya.
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