[PLUG] Can we file PIL (Public Interest Litigation)

Varun Mehta bambambhole at gmail.com
Fri Nov 17 16:18:22 IST 2006

Guys one Point I liked mentioned above was
> 1. Demands decides what is avaialbe. - Truly speaking Pirated Windows is
what is in Demand

Well with Windoz Vista "security" for pirated softwares getting tougher by
the day gives us an opportunity, to spread Linux awareness as FREE and EASY
to use with already available softwares driver support. If the publicity
goes good, the demand graph turns by itself....

Why break your head with a PIL, but the time it gets heard you grandkids
would be out of college!!

*Varun Mehta*

imagination is more important then knowledge

On 14/11/06, Manas Alekar <maalekar at gmail.com> wrote:
> Yes, a manufacturer can sell a car without a steering. If most people
> start
> buying them, will you file a PIL ? If the manufacturer prints in bold on
> the
> handouts with fancy logos a big banner saying "STEERING" not included, and
> people still buy it, will the court let you file a PIL ?
> Manas
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