[PLUG] Successfully config of bipac 7000 USB ADSL modem on Slackware 11.

Atul Sowani sowani at gmail.com
Mon Nov 20 22:30:27 IST 2006

Finally I got connected to internet with my Tata Indicom Bipac 7000
USB ADSL modem!
I have P3 machine and I installed slackware 11 on it recently.

The steps to setup the modem are as follows:

- downloaded and compiled cxacru-fw utility.
- using cxacru-fw and the Windows modem driver, extracted firmware and
  placed it in /lib/firmware (as cxacru-fw.bin).
- downloaded br2684ctl source code.
- it requires libatm and headers, which are in linux-atm-2.4.1 package.
- compiled linux-atm-2.4.1 on following configuration:
  slackware linux 11 (kernel version
  gcc version 3.4.6
  This required following changes in the source code of linux-atm-2.4.1:
  src/lib/sapequal.c: match_blli()
  src/sigd/proto.c: send_release(), send_release_complete()
  src/maint/enitune.c: main()

  I don't know if this is a problem with the source code OR with my compiler OR
  with my grey matter, but the problem with the linux-atm source code
was with "switch"
  construct. It was something like this:

  switch (xyz)
     case a:  ... ...

  The compile generated error here. The so-called "fix" is:
  switch (xyz)
     case a:  ... ...
        break;      /* ADDED THIS */

  This seems to work. Can somebody enlighten me about this?

- installed compiled libatm (library and headers)
- compiled br2684ctl utility (and copied it to /usr/local/sbin)
- gave following commands:
  /usr/local/sbin/br2684ctl -b -c 0 -a 0.32
  /sbin/ifconfig nas0 netmask
- used rp-pppoe for link activation since I wanted it on-demand only.

Hope this will be of some help to people trying to configure this
particular modem on
slackware 11.

Best regards,

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