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Subject: Re: [PLUG] Need For Speed Carbon Collectors Edition available
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On 11/21/06, sco1984 at gmail.com <sco1984 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello People,
> Need For Speed Carbon Collectors Edition is available. It's a DVD of
> . Full version.
> :):):)
> It's the most awaiting game of the year !!!!!  Games freaks Game On
> !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You okay? What is happening? What is this mailing list for?

Advertisement of pirated games?

Please adhere to list rules.


Aditya <<<<< Woh!  Woh!!  Woh !!!
 Wassup man ? I guess you did not read my message carefully? I just said
it's available. I did not mention anything about sell, or resell or any kind
of offer. Its just an cool message for game lovers. Sorry may be not
applicable for you. Ignore it. I guess there are not just only developers in
this community. And entertainment is very very essential for health. It's
might be da "Out of box" question to you..Hehe..Anyway's. Well this game is
pretty cool for those who love racing games. Excellent graphics...More cars
with better performance and obviously more excitement ! So shall we ... :)

Amey Abhyankar.
[  MCP,MCSE,MCT /  Charter member <<< Whats that ? Ask to "Bill Gates" if
you dunno..Ehhh ; CCNA <<< Ask to "John Chambers" if you dunno . :)]

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