[PLUG] Need For Speed Carbon Collectors Edition available !!!

Somesh Bartakke somesh at qvitindia.com
Wed Nov 22 12:28:42 IST 2006

> [ Cisco Certified Network Associate /  Why Cisco and Linux are not enemies
> but Microsoft is ? Ha ha !! ]
> --

Really ? Microsoft & Linux are enemies of each other ?
I thought both are great at their places and having different paths.
If you keep on looking towrds your competitor in race, you could lead with
few meters[orkilometers]
but if keep on looking towrds your targets you could lead in terms of
distance and time also.
Apple-n-Jobs has proved it. GNU community n Linux has proved it, why you
thinking in this way ? or spreading such things ?
M$ is doing their business, earning money. Stallman worked hard to spread
his GNU.Both achived their aims. We [atleast plug members]
should learn these qualities from both giant, its pity on us just making fun
by commenting on their business and their success.

Here aim is not to hurt anyone but should get market + technology
awareness.As novel and M$ is getting together.
Bottomline is that tomarrow M$ will start selling Linux and making grt money
out of it, and we will keep here JUST clapping and saying "Ha ha, M$ has
accepted Linux".Again that will be victory of M$'s businesss mind over
community efforts.

- Somesh

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