[PLUG] Microsoft-Novell pact

Nishit Dave stargazer.dave at gmail.com
Sat Nov 25 23:34:04 IST 2006

Do you have any idea what you're talking about, or are you just
sprinkling your post with words that you think are big?

It is needless to create another debate on the much flogged topic,
when you can read online what the whole world is saying about it.
Rather than present a very broad and loaded query, why don't we
discuss specifics, such as:

- Should developers and users alike shift from Open/Suse to say Red
Hat or Ubuntu?
- For the developers: would it be possible to code around any (broad)
Microsoft patents, if any are found to be viably invokable?
-  Will people like Steve Ballmer and his media cohorts, with the
Billy G foundation's dollar and moral support be able to lobby the
Govt. to change its policy towards software patents?
- What will stricter copyright/patent/trademark laws mean in India?
- What can the lay Indian FOSS supporter do to protect his interests?

Perhaps then we might have a fruitful discussion.

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> What will be the impact of Microsoft-Novell pact on Linux community ?
> Will it be another "Embrace, Extend, Exterminate"  tactic by the Giant ?
> -Sushrut Kulkarni
> ==============================================================
>  I really dont think this news gonna make any change in "Linux Community".
> But yes
>  at stock market, at international business exchange stretagies there will
> be much curiocity.
>  It's a game!  Both parties done collaboration type deal for there own
> benefits. No advantage for
> any indivisual programmer or to developer. It's all about benefit and
> business values. These type
> of crises comes under "business" criteria. And we normal people just towards
> this impact as a
> indivisual which doesnt make any difference. DO we know if in near future
> Microsoft buys Google
> or vice versa? If it happens our daily router or work going to change?
> Definitely not! So considoring
> it a CEO level issue, i dont think it'll affect linux community at all.
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> Amey Abhyankar.
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