[PLUG] Any1 tried Fedora Core 6 ?

sco1984 at gmail.com sco1984 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 28 11:42:59 IST 2006

Anybody tried Fedora Core 6 ?
I downloaded but iso contains error's. And it's not possible that image is
corrupted. How it can be when i am downloading each iso on 2 MBPS line with
average 210 kbps speed? I done all possible R & D . Changed the media,
changed the cd burner which i use not in Linux OS. But yes CD RW isnt faulty
as Berry 0.75 burnt without any problem i tried it and works really fine.
Last week i burnt Mandriva 2007 on the same CD RW. No problem. So seems like
media at Fedora itself is corrupted or not supported by Nero Buring rom 7.2or
5.0 version.
But i also downloaded hash check tool called "Calc Hash". It succeful
matched SHA1 sequence of that image and the SHA1 code given at Fedora FTP.
It's pretty weird thing i faced never before. I burnt Ubuntu alternate,
Ubuntu normal, i checked those cd's. No checksum errors. So my conclusion is
problem is at the image uploaded by Fedora people ? This sounds weird too
right ? How can they upload corrupted image ? Huh !

[ If you know FC 6 is available with any magazine or availibility send
message here. ]

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