[PLUG] unable to start Linux on PI Digital Equipment

YAGNESH N DESAI ynd at hzw.ltindia.com
Wed Nov 29 08:55:34 IST 2006


Finally cracked . . . ! 

The good news on this subject is that while I was using 
Damn Small Linux on my PI. I thought of installing it
on the HDD in place of always using it form the CD.
I did the same and you know what  ?  One can select
LILO or GRUB as your bootloader during installation
sequence. I installed GRUB (the secondary purpose) and 
the DSL which is loaded in partition beyond 8GB also
Now I only need to add the Mandrake to the GRUB menulist.

For a non software professional like me I can use
DamnSmall linux as a tool to install the bootloader.


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