[PLUG] dd command for removable drive

Rohan Dighe linuxdominatrix at gmail.com
Tue Oct 3 07:58:13 IST 2006

Inline reponses follow:-

> Yes it can be when you have sata disks which are sd* because of scsi
> emulation of sata. AFAIK, when you use dd the device should be
> umounted. Can you tell more about the scenario when your partition
> table crashed?

I don't have any of the SATA disks. I had inserted my pen drive into
USB2 slot and used this command, in sec's it crashed my entire
partition table, i had 120Gb of important data on that.
This is the command i had given

dd if=diskboot.img of=/dev/<device> (device=sda1)

> | Please avoid using this technique as far as possible

Well, only thing i wanted to say was "BE CAREFUL" while using this command.

> Rohan,
> It would be nice it you can set the subject appropriately. I have
> already deleted the previous e-mail so was not able to change the
> subject to OP's e-mail's subject.

Well, initially i had just replied to the previous mail,this time
changing the subject.
Now a days i have seen a GUI utility which does this work of
writing-an-image to a removable drive and stuff.

Thank You,
Rohan Dighe
Fedora Ambassador India.

You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to
your grandmother.
 -- Albert Einstein

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