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Neelesh Gurjar neel.gurjar at linuxmail.org
Thu Oct 5 11:56:32 IST 2006

Re: How to resolve ip (Vikrant Birajdar)
Hi Vikrant,

First of all You have to do domain name registration through domain registrar. It is very cheap. then only you can access your website with name you want. Then you have to check that name you want is available or not.
Second thing you can try. On your server you can set dns server also. And give that dns server entries eg.  in that coputer from where you will access your website. It might work.

good luck


> Hi all,
> I have one public static ip address and a domain name
> clarionsys.com,
> I also have one internal server (LAN) which is having Linux on it (fedora 4)
> I have configured my firewall with port forwarding,
> now I can access my intranet web site from outside also (
> But I dont want to use public IP,  instead of that i would like to use
> domain name, for e.g clarionsys.com for accessing my intranet web site
> from outside LAN.
> How can I do that?
> --
> Thanks & regards
> Vikrant B

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