[PLUG] challenging situation

Suse Devel tomar.arun at gmail.com
Mon Oct 9 23:52:16 IST 2006

Dear all,

For the past some days, i'm facing some challenging situation. i'm presenting 
that in the form of a case, solutions are most welcome...

there is a website which traces the ip of the computers getting connected to 
it. b'cas of this i'm able to log in with only 1 computer as my global static 
ip remains the same irrespective of whatever pc i use in my lan. the site is 
made in php & always require cookies to be enabled. if i disable cookies it 
doesn't allows to login.

i want to login to this site "simultaneously" from different computers on my 
lan without problems. 

1. is there a way to bypass ip tracing or can i send different ip from my 
2. if i use proxy will it solve the problem?
3. Is there any other solution?


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