[PLUG] Re: Creative Soundblaster 5.1 live 24 bit conf on linux

shyam jai shyamz_03 at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 16 00:42:32 IST 2006

Thankyou so much for your quick response, will try with this ..
  i have downloaded 
  and i tried to configure this by going through the procedure in the link what you gave.
  but i am facing many errors, in dir structures while running ./configure.
  guess if i am able to install these three above packages, try a modprobe snd-ca0106
  it should work.
  it will be great if you can tell me whether the procedure what i followed is correct or what.
  or is there any easy way out other than running ./configure and all the lenghthy procedure what it is mentioned in the link given by you?
  waiting for your reply.
  Shyamjai Kunimal
"( à¤
मेय पाळंदे ) Ameya Palande" <2ameya at gmail.com> wrote:
  > From: shyam jai 
> Subject: [PLUG] Reg Creative Soundblaster 5.1 live 24 bit conf on linux
> can anyone help me in configuring the soundcard creative soundblaster live 24 bit, on redhat enterprise linux 4, i'm not able to get sound driver for linux, ,please help me on this
> Thanks
> Shyamjai Kunimal


Have you gone through following article ?

After going through ALSA Hardware Matrix says that your card is supported.
Your sound card driver is "snd-ca0106"

Check if your alsa package is old, or there is some problem in alsa
configuration files.


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