[PLUG] Re: Creative Soundblaster 5.1 live 24 bit conf on linux

sughosh ganu urwithsughosh at gmail.com
Mon Oct 16 10:21:25 IST 2006


>   and i tried to configure this by going through the procedure in the link what you gave.
>   but i am facing many errors, in dir structures while running ./configure.

what are the errors you get?Can you post the errror.
One possible reason could be that on running the config,it looks for a
certain files in the kernel source tree(the one you are trying to
compile your alsa drivers against),like version.h and vermagic.h.If
these files are not found in the source,it will give you errors.The
solution is to compile your kernel and then try the commands specified
in the link.

>   guess if i am able to install these three above packages, try a modprobe snd-ca0106
This step will be after you have built the modules...
>   it should work.


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