[PLUG] Oracle announced subcription based support for Redhat Enterprise Linux in competition with Redhat

Shashikant Mundlik shashikant.mundlik at gmail.com
Fri Oct 27 03:12:19 IST 2006

Hi All,

Did you hear this?
Oracle announced their Linux service line. Some points from Larry Ellison
from Oracle

'As of this moment Oracle announced full support for Red Hat Linux. "If
you are a Red Hat Linux support customer, you now have a choice. You can
easily switch from Red Hat to Oracle support, and we will back port your
bug fixes, indemnify you from intellectual property problems, and charge
way less than half what Red Hat charges," Ellison said.

"We are not trying to differentiate ourselves from the Red Hat code. We
will synchronize our system with Red Hat releases," Ellison added. "We
are not trying to fragment the Linux market."

They claim they are charging 50% what RedHat charges for their 1 yr
subscription for RHEL4.

What you guys think, will Oracle ever be able to capture Redhat linux
market, by offering support for their product with out investing OS


Shashikant Mundlik
Red Hat, Pune

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