[PLUG] problem of power switch off on the lap-top

jayant ogale jaogale at yahoo.co.in
Sat Oct 28 23:53:25 IST 2006

i have installed mandriva 2007 on my sony s4m lap-top.
the os is running smoothly but there seems to be many
small problems.
1] even after enabling acpi, when the halt command is
given or even with the log off > switch off computer,
log is received up-to system halted and then nothing
happens [i mean power is not switched off]. i have to
do it mannually each time. what is the solution?
2] attached printer and scanner gets detected properly
but does not get installed / configured.
3] modem [HDAUDIO soft V-92] does not get installed.
4] wireless card is detected but does not get
somebody told me that if i installed the system from
the freely downlodable cds or the dvds which we get
along with some magazines, many of the so called
commercial drivers are not provided with these cds.
But if we purchase box-pack from the company we get
all these drivers with it.
is it true? if yes, what can we do about it?

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