[PLUG] Exatt.net Broadband

Desi Penguin desipenguin at gmail.com
Tue Oct 31 17:08:30 IST 2006

Hi guys,

You might remember my post few months ago regarding Iqara broadband. Well,
it worked well for 3 months, been down since late august. Last week their
franchisee told me that the connection won't restore any time soon, so I
better apply for refund/cancellation.

Immediately called Tata Indicom (going against all the bad publicity for
this ISP on the net) I got what I deserved. After 5 days no one has
contacted me. Already raised two complaints. I doubt anyone cares.

Next, called Exatt.net Their plans look
too good to be true.

Has anyone used this ISP ? Any experience ? Linux support/compatibility ?



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