[PLUG] Fwd: People wanted for the Linux Technology Centre to be set up in Pune

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Tue Oct 31 03:30:58 IST 2006

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From: Aalhad Saraf <aalhad at gmail.com>
Date: Oct 30, 2006 3:20 PM
Subject: People wanted for the Linux Technology Centre to be set up in Pune
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Please forward the following to people who you know - matching the
following profile -

IBM is setting up a Linux Technology Centre in Pune.
 To get a feel for the kind of work done in the IBM LTC check out -

If you have spent at least a year in the recent past - porting linux
to different platforms/boards, optimizing any of the kernel subsystems
or have any experience working with the linux kernel, and want to work
with a team working towards making mission critical workload capable
linux systems - please send a summary of your interests and experience
/ CV at  - aalhad at gmail dot com.

 Please do so -IMMEDIATELY- if you feel there is a match. A
presentation with more details and interviews will be scheduled on the
2nd of November.
 I'll send further details by mail.

Thanks a lot!

 Aalhad Saraf
IBM Labs
 a.) What are the most important problems in your field?
 b.) Are you working on them?
 c.) Why not?
     Every single person who made a serious attempt at answering this
got a Nobel Prize.
     - Hamming @ Bell labs

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