[PLUG] Asterisk Deployment in local office.

Amol Chawathe ceo at fountaintechnologies.net
Sat Sep 2 17:37:28 IST 2006

Hello Shirish,

Thank you for your feedback, I was thinking about finding someone who 
has a good knowledge about the PCI card. I am experimentating on it as 
we speak and I would definately drop my feedback.

Amol S Chawathe
CEO, Fountain Technologies

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>> Hello Friends,
>> I am trying to install Asterisk in my company but I need the help to 
>> understand how we can connect PSTN lines to the machine.
>> Thanks
>> Amol S Chawathe
> It requires a PCI card hardware to be installed on PC for interfacing 
> PSTN / BRI / PRI / E1 etc... lines.
> Few months back there was series of article in Linux for you magazine 
> on this subject.
> further details can be found on asterix.org.
> Any how if you succeed in installation please give feedback on plug as 
> VOIP is future of communication, other member will definitely like to 
> see the installation.
> shirish bandarkar
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