[PLUG] [Commercial] Content Filtering Internet Proxy

Sachin Purohit sachinpurohit at gmail.com
Mon Sep 4 11:59:18 IST 2006

Dear all,

Since this group is all about sharing Linux based applications, I would
like to bring to your attention a Linux based content filtering Internet
proxy software - SafeSquid. A FREE version is available.

SafeSquid is the first INDIAN software product that is being used
around the world (85% of the users are US and UK based).
It has been developed by Office Efficiencies (India) Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai.

SafeSquid, arguably, is the world's most feature-rich proxy server.
Following, in brief, are it's features -

- Browser based GUI Interface
- Cluster friendly
- A multi-tier, md5-encrypted, totally manageable cache
- Supports ICP & CARP
- Request forwarding
- Transparent Proxying
- Reverse Proxying - Secure Web Servers
- Provides simultaneous virus scanning at the gateway using any number
of Antivirus softwares of your choice
- Generate virus signatures on-the-fly for undetected viruses while you
wait for updates
- Ready-to-use connectivity to ICAP Servers, the latest in Antivirus
- Built-in connectivity to PAM - Authenticate users from ADS, POP3,
Radius, MySQL Database, Flat File Database, etc.
- Bandwidth Management based on Users, Time, Web Sites or a combination of
- Block web-sites using URL Blacklist, DNS Blacklist, MySQL Database,
Category DNS and the database-independent - Weighed Keyword Scoring Method
- Filter unwanted contents like ActiveX Controls and Java Scripts from
unknown sites (Ads, Banners, Pop-ups, spy wares, etc.)
- Prevent access / downloads based on MiMe type
- Prevent users from logging into unwanted sites - Cookie Filter
- Increase enterprise privacy - Header Filter
- Prevent access to applications like chat & IM - User Agent based
access control
- Generates log reports in Firewall and Squid format compatible with
many open source and paid Log Analysers like Sarg, Calamaris, Squint,
Webalizer, Sawmill, SquidTaild, etc.

A FREE version with limited features for non-profit / non-commercial
organisations, is available for download at
You need to register on the SafeSquid Forum (free) at
You can use the forum's username and password to access the download
Fully functional trial versions, with limited time period, are also

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