[PLUG] Modem Help

RUPESH MAZUMDAR rupxsan88 at hotmail.com
Sat Sep 9 20:55:19 IST 2006

I had procured a live Knoppix CD 4.0 from pune linux users group with a view 
to learn linux.
Is it is possible to connect to internet with Knoppix without installing it 
to the hard disk.
I was thinking of using dial-up connection with my existing internal modem 
which is D-Links DFM-5601S+++ Modem.
I am thinking of installing ubuntu as my linux distro, as I have been told 
it is the easiest distro for learning Linux.
Sorry, but I dont know how to find out chipset of Modem.
Your help in finding out chipset will be of great help.

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>On 9/8/06, Ranjit Bhonsle <ranjya at gmail.com> wrote:
>>On 9/7/06, RUPESH MAZUMDAR <rupxsan88 at hotmail.com> wrote:
>> >
>> > Friends,
>> > I have D-Link's DFM-5601S+++ Modem.
>Please specify the chip on the modem & distro you plan to use.
>>Truly functional modem will cost you as the modem driver
>>for linux costs about $10.
>Dude.. this is the Pune Linux Users Group and we here in Pune deal in
>INR not USD. Request you to kindly use the INR unit of currency in
>your future posts.
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