[PLUG] [OT] I need 100MHz / 133MHz SDRAM for an ancient box

Arindam arindam.mukerjee at gmail.com
Tue Sep 12 12:48:16 IST 2006

Hi all, I dual-boot Linux and FreeBSD in an old box which I use at
home. It is a Pentium III 733 MHz beauty with 256 MB RAM @ 100 MHz.
The CPU has 133MHz FSB. I also have a spare 128 MB mem chip that works
@ 133 MHz. While I can make my Linux work on it and recognize all of
the 384 MB, the FreeBSD system certainly does not. In any case, I feel
I should better get at least some more memory for Rainy Days (read
heavier OSs).

So wondering if anyone is interested in selling 100 MHz / 133 MHz
SDRAM chips. Because all that I am getting elsewhere is 266 MHz. :(

Donations are even more welcome :P  !!!


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