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susedevel susedevel at gmail.com
Tue Sep 12 16:42:56 IST 2006

On Tue, 2006-09-12 at 15:42 +0530, Arindam wrote:
> I am a little curious about a few more details. And it would be good
> if we can extend the discussion in this forum itself.
> > now if you've a monthly unlimited connection of either 128kbps or 256
> > kbps then what u've with the connection is a router & not a modem. now
> > TATA mostly provides connection in this way:
> > * they'll lay cables directly to your place & then they'll attach a
> > router to it & then through lan cable u can just plug it to your
> > computer & use it.
> >
> > now if you have the same configuration then what you need to do is goto
> > yast >> network card >> configure the ip, dns, gateway as per your
> > static configuration which you can find out by typing on
> > your browser.
> Which is the static configuration? Does Tata Indicom give you static
> IPs. As far as I know no ISP in India does that.
I'm pretty sure that i've an static ip. as for your info sending u the
plz read the last lines i.e notes in the plans which mentions 1 static
ip with every postpaid plan.

> If I have a Linux box sitting at the gateway of a LAN, for this
> scenario, it needs to Network interfaces. The LAN facing interface
> should have a static IP. But there is no guarantee that the ISP would
> allow a static IP for the Internet facing interface. In this case, the
> uplink IP (the IP associated with the internet facing NIC) is
> variable. I am sure typing will give you your IP address
> and other details, but only for a particular session and period.
> Cheers,
> Arindam
As for this one, my computers are connected through lan. i've a desktop
which runs on ubuntu & i've a laptop which runs on suse 10.0. ok now,
what i've done is that my router which my link to the outer world is
having a GLOBAL static ip, dns configurations etc. to access the router
one needs to goto & it'll display the settings. 
now my router is connected on the other end to my swtich which is my
interface for my internal network LAN on which as of now i can connect 6
machines simultaneously.

feel free to discuss. i like healthy discussion & interaction.


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