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On 9/12/06, Shashikant Mundlik <shashikant.mundlik at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am using FC4 for my desktop. I want to stop using my windows at home.
> I am getting confused as there are many distributions for desktop, like
> Fedora, Ubantu, Gento, Mandriva, Slakeware.
> Can any one tell me which is the best desktop distro where I can watch TV
> using internal TV tuner card and play multimedia applications and games.
> I am using FC 4 right now.
> Regards,
> Shashikant
> Cell: 9372044015
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I dont know why guys asks this silly questions.. The best distro for
desktop too depends on the choice of the user. a distro becomes best
when it solves his/her particular problem. The best way to select the
top OS is by reading from reviews given by many users world wide on

you can always check out the most downloaded distro from,


and many other websites similar to these.

Personally, i like fedora because i started with it and it had all
developer tools without need for downloading from internet.

Never used debian. But many like it.

The best on desktop is ubuntu. But you must have a internet connection
to get new softwares..

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