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On 9/12/06, श्रीधर नारायण दैठणकर <ghodechhap at> wrote:
> On Tuesday 12 September 2006 20:33, Arindam wrote:
> > So may be asking why people like Linux and what they use it for is a
> > very good point to start - even when you know your own reasons. It
> > sometimes gives very unique perspectives.
> I use linux for everything and main reasons are
> - same home directory including settings for past 5 years
> - 6 major OS upgrades without reinstallation
> - it works :)
> I think it is important to think functionally than technically.. That way the
> advantages are normalized... While 'my hardware works in windows but not in
> linux' is slightly worse than 'I cannot connect to net in linux'
>  Shridhar
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Hi Shridhar,

 You are correct. GNU/Linux is functionally rich with lods of features
and functionalities.. It also supports most of the devices with
exceptional devices which hides its internals (like ipod, winmodems).

and note that, many use *Linux*.. instead of GNU/Linux.. please..
please change..
use GNU/Linux always.. iam not an exception since i too corrected
myself to use like that..  It creates respect to the GNU OS and makes
users to know what GNU is? .


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