[PLUG] DSL modem

Pratim Chaudhuri pratimdc at gmail.com
Wed Sep 13 20:58:52 IST 2006

susedevel wrote:
> Hi!
> guys.
> let me share my experience on this one. i've a TATA Indicom broadband
> which i've configured on suse 10.0 & ubuntu as well. my laptop has only
> suse 10.0 as it's operating system :) & i'm proud to admit that. 
> now if you've a monthly unlimited connection of either 128kbps or 256
> kbps then what u've with the connection is a router & not a modem. now
> TATA mostly provides connection in this way:
> * they'll lay cables directly to your place & then they'll attach a
> router to it & then through lan cable u can just plug it to your
> computer & use it.
> now if you have the same configuration then what you need to do is goto
> yast >> network card >> configure the ip, dns, gateway as per your
> static configuration which you can find out by typing on
> your browser.
> contact me if you are still not able to figure out. i would like to
> help. come online on chat & i'll let you how to configure that. seems to
> be a long mail..... to me....  :)
> arun.
> yahooid: aruntomar2001 (chat)
Dear Arun,

I also own Tata Indicom broad band, but I use the prepaid one.

I have still not being able to configure my Net on SuSe 10.1. Infact, 
recently I have purchase Novell SLED 10 and got that installed on my laptop.

But till date I have not been able to connect to Net through the Suse. 
Just because of the Net connection, I am forced to keep Windows on my 

As per your advice, I tried to access page at address but 
nothing appeared on screen. I even pinged to the address, but I get no 

Since there any other way, I can configure the connect. I have tried 
also with Kinternet but it does not work, I does a CHAP authentication 
and then there is connection denied from server.

Is there anyway, I can connect using PAP through kinternet?

Have good day ahead.

with regards,
Pratim Chaudhuri

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