[PLUG] ufs support on Linux 2.6.*

Arindam arindam.mukerjee at gmail.com
Thu Sep 14 11:28:21 IST 2006

> > > should be able to do the mount. There seems to be a disconnect
> > > somewhere ... or am I missing something. In any case, is there a
> > > loadable ufs / ufs2 module for 2.6 kernel that anyone has used?
> >
> > Of course there is a ufs.ko which you can modprobe. And I have successfully
> > mounted my netbsd root as read only using that. The syntax etc. is bit weird
> > and I don't remember it offhand but it is possible..
> find / -name "ufs.ko"
> find / -name "ufs*.ko"
> find / -name "u*fs*.ko"
> did not fetch any files for me.
> >

In fact on which distro did you manage this? I get conflicting ideas
from the net. This one (http://ufs-linux.sourceforge.net/) seemed
promising but it seems a little dated. May be the ufs-linux page
latest has shifted somewhere else.


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