[OT] Language, tone and approach in posts from {Re: [PLUG] DSL modem}

Desi Penguin desipenguin at gmail.com
Thu Sep 14 11:53:28 IST 2006

> Finally **I** have a concern:
> 1. When the participants (you are possibly a veteran) of this forum
> start ignoring the basic etiquettes, what happens to the forum:
> http://www.plug.org.in/mailinglist.php
> Please read Point 18 under the sub-section "Posting to the List" in
> the section "Mailing List Etiquette". Except when using abbreviations,
> you should not capitalize ... like you have with the words - lot, all
> and fact - none of which are abbreviations. You surely know,
> capitalization is the electronic way of shouting at people.

As you've noticed, entire sentences aren't capitalized. If you try
reading aloud my post and shouting when you encounter capitalized
word, i think you'll find it is very difficult. Point I am making is
that yes, I am aware that capitalizing is equivalent of shouting (if
everything is in caps) I think when individual words are capitalized
it has an effect of putting *stress* of certain words, which is
certainly what I was going for.

Thanks for reminding me of the rules. I link your style of using
asterix around the word one needs to stress. I've already used in in
this post :)

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