[PLUG] Next Version of Mac OS X to use Linux Kernel

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Mon Apr 2 23:32:55 IST 2007

Dear friends,

i found this interesting news. 

Next Version of Mac OS X to use Linux Kernel

by Winona Foryears, Computer Purchaser News

April 1, 2007

Apple Inc. CEO Steve Jobs announced on Friday that the next version of Mac OS 
X, named 'Margay' will use the Linux kernel.

At a press conference at the famous Apple Store on Fifth Avenue in New York, 
Jobs told reporters that the change marked a radical shift on how the iconic 
operating system would work. "OS X is getting a bit too user friendly," 
remarked Jobs, wearing his trademark black turtleneck - now with a penguin 
logo visible on the upper right, "and we need to snap our Mac users out of 
their complacency. Hardware may now need a little tweaking at first. They 
will find this a bit more challenging but I think challenge is good." Jobs 
commented on what he saw as a plus for Linux users. "For all of you Linux 
geeks - some good news - your iPods will work right out of the box now."

Linus Torvalds, who has been using Mac hardware himself for some time, though 
not Apple's operating system, explained that the switch means that Mac OS X 
will become, essentially, another Linux distribution. "Mac OS X will now be a 
Linux distro and I intend on using it. It will go well with my hardware", 
remarked the Finnish programmer.

When asked for comment, Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth revealed that he was 
not happy with Apple's move. "Ubuntu has been the top rated distro at 
Distrowatch.com for years. Now Mac OS X will take its place and I don't think 
it's fair. We've paid our dues - they haven't." Asked if his own popularity 
within the community would be eclipsed by Jobs', Shuttleworth remarked: "I've 
traveled in space in a rocket ship. I'd like to see Jobs top that."

As to whether the internal names of the operating system would change from 
being based on felines to being based on types of penguins, Jobs had this to 
say: "No, we're sticking with the cat names. This one is still going to be 
called 'Margay'. We've done an algorithmic study and eventually, after going 
through names like 'Cheetah, Puma, etc, we'd get to 'Margay' sometime around 
2057. Well, I don't like that name, so I figured we'd use it early and get 
rid of it. The alternative was 'Sabre Toothed Tiger', but of course, that's a 
dead, extinct cat and plus it contains the word 'Tiger', which we've already 

Jobs added that the new Linux-based Mac OS X 'Margay' would be available at 
Apple Store locations across the world on June 31. When asked if Apple would 
be making the operating system available as a free download, Jobs, made a 
gesture and replied: "Download this!"



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