[PLUG] socketcall hook

Deepak Joshi deepak_cins at yahoo.co.in
Wed Apr 4 13:50:42 IST 2007


I am tring to hook socket system call and want to add some extra functionality  But i am not able to link sys_bind() function in socketcall. It says unresolved symbol.
The code is as given below.

    unsigned long a[6];
        unsigned long a0,a1;
        int err, check_family = 0;
        struct sockaddr_un *sunaddr = NULL;

            return -EINVAL;

        if (copy_from_user(a, args, nargs[call]))
            return -EFAULT;
        sunaddr = (struct sockaddr_un *)a1;
        if(sunaddr->sun_family == AF_UNIX) 
            check_family = 1;
        err = sys_bind(a0,(struct sockaddr __user *)a1, a[2]);


What might be the cause of not linking this call ?

In order to get it work, i copied the sys_bind() call from the socket.c file to the .c file that i am using. Now the system is working fine. Is this approach is correct one ? or will it create some problems in future.

One more thing is sys_bind() is not defined as static.

Deepak Joshi

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